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Ortovox Men's Skibekleidung - Dominate the summit with confidence

Lightweight, weather protection and sensible innovations - the three main aspects of any practice-orientated Skibekleidung are taken to the extreme at Ortovox. State-of-the-art material combinations and precise workmanship come together here to maximise climate comfort and thus noticeably improve performance.

Switch easily between powder and piste - Ortovox Skibekleidung for men

If the start of the season is approaching and your old equipment already has numerous weak points, it is high time to invest in new and durable components. In the Ortovox collection, you will find underwear made from innovative textiles such as Nuyarn or Swiss virgin wool as well as midlayers, trousers, jackets, shirts and jumpers, which you can use to put together your very own ensemble according to your personal preferences. This means you can defy even the most adverse weather conditions without having to compromise on freedom of movement.

In the large online range at XSPO, we stock all products from the current Austrian range. In terms of shape and colour, Ortovox has something for every taste - whether brightly coloured or more discreet and straightforward. You can use the search function in the shop to quickly browse the wide range of products and then conveniently buy the components you want online.

Ortovox is suitable for men Skibekleidung who want to rely on a combination of all materials from the first to the third layer and avoid uncomfortable slipping as much as possible. Thanks to the outstanding breathability and elastic properties of the materials used, maximum comfort is always guaranteed, even on long tours and difficult descents.

This means that nerve-racking interruptions where you have to readjust your equipment on your upper and lower body are a thing of the past. With the Ortovox Skibekleidung for men, nothing stands in the way of a successful day on the mountain, even if you spontaneously switch from the piste to the powder.

  • Ortovox Men's Skibekleidung combines precise workmanship with innovative materials
  • Maximum climate comfort guaranteed
  • Even all-day tours can be mastered with flying colours
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